Gift Certificates

Introducing our new gift certificates - now available online as well as at The Vanilla Pod Restaurant. Options range from $25 to $300 or we can offer a custom amount if you prefer. We will mail the gift certificate to you or to the recipient - we can also hold it at the Vanilla Pod - whichever works best for you.


Additional Products

The following products are also available from The Vanilla Pod - however they are only available for purchase at the restaurant. Please see maitre d' or host.


Languiole Steak knives – $66 per set

Languiole Steak Knives

Set of 6 Laguiole steak knives + box
Superior quality stainless steel
3 real rivets
Reinforced thickness
Finishing and sharpening made by hand
Micro-serrated blade
Handles of assorted pearly colors
One of each of orange, lemon, jade, fuchsia, ruby and blue
Stainless steel blade 1 mm thickness
Dishwasher safe
Made in France



This wine glass cover is clean, elegant, sleek looking and best of all – is effective. The WineGuard® sits 'on top' of your wine glass like a protective shield. It’s made of food- grade stainless steel. It’s heavy enough so it won’t blow off your glass. The 'screen' will block the fruit flies and at the same time allow your wine to breathe.

Keep the Elegant WineGuard® handy during your next outdoor (or indoor) gathering to ensure you have everyone covered.

Vanilla Pod Bracelet and custom bead

This Bead Trails bracelet with the Vanilla Pod bead is designed so that the owner can collect beads from all over the Okanagan Wine Trails. A souvenir that is not only attractive but creates a fun experience while collecting the various beads. Start your collection today with the Vanilla Pod bead and bracelet.