Bruno Terroso sees great food as a fusion of tradition and innovation...

People think Chef Bruno Terroso is Italian because of his name, but he’s really Portuguese. Growing up in Prince George he did a lot of cooking with his mom, all western European foods. Since his family comes from Laurinha just north of Lisbon, salt cod or bacalhau was a staple. Now he incorporates a lot of Spanish and Portuguese dishes into his menu at The Vanilla Pod.

Owners Paul and Sheila Jones

After years of being in business together Paul and Sheila have formed a tight professional partnership. Paul, originally from London England, has long been a restaurateur.  He loves welcoming returning clientele and meeting new people, ensuring their dining experience exceeds their expectations.  With a background in administration, Sheila focuses on the 'behind the scenes' aspect of the Vanilla Pod.


Chef Bruno Terroso
Executive Chef

Paul Jones
Owner, Operator, Sommelier

Sheila Jones
Owner, CFO